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I would love to know what your culinary interests are from things you like to cook in, to your favorite meats and protein. The goal is to be able to let you know when there is an awesome sale or special for the things you love.

Don’t worry, I don’t plan on emailing you every week or spamming you! I am your personal culinary shopper and concierge, if you will… taking the pain out of finding the best stuff at the right time.

Let’s get started!

Protein / Meat 🥩: Favorite cuts, and types – for example, do you like steak but love ribeye? Do you love wings? Stuff like that. Are you familiar with D’Artagnan? Their meat is SO good and they are constantly updating their sales.

Cooking 🍳– Are you looking to upgrade any pots and pans? Hestan makes an AMAZING line with a lifetime guarantee, but they are pricey. That being said, maybe one or two pieces if you are looking to have one go to pot or pan. Some of the stuff in this line can withstand temperatures of 1050 degrees and with their cleaner (complimentary with each purchase) it cleans up like new. You can put these (NanoBond line) on your grill or your smoker and it always cleans up like the day you got it – it’s amazing.

Grill🔥 / Smoker 💨– Let me know what you love and what you need – I can get you all the links for anything from Pit Boss Grills! Everything from grills / smokers to pellets to accessories and more

Sous Vide💦 – if you are interested in diving in (no pun intended) I can shop the deals from Anova – they are amazing!

Sauces / Rubs 🧂– you name it, I am affiliated with it! Tell me what you love (sweet, spicy, coffee, etc.) I have codes for everything practically – from BT Leighs to Far Out Foodz to Millers Mustard to Garlic Gourmay (the garlic olive oil and bloody Mary mix is amazing) and much more. Be as specific as you can about what flavors you love and what you want to try and want more of.

Wine Accessories🍷 Everything for the wine lover (except the wine)

Check out my partners here, but email me directly for anything you want because these links sometimes change faster than I can update my website.

Cheers! 🍷
Stef. 🔪

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