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Chicken Cordon Bleu Sous Vide OR Stove Top / Broiler
Fairly cheap

If you didn't think chicken cordon bleu could be done in the sous vide, please think again!

This is a fun and easy spin on a crowd favorite!





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Category: Sous Vide Main
Seasons All
Cuisine Type French


For 2 Person(s)

Chicken Cordon Bleu

2 chicken breasts
1 cup mascarpone
1/8 cup grain mustard
1/8 cup dijon mustard
1/2 TBSP herbs de provence
1/2 teaspoon honey
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 sprinkle each salt
4 slices ham
4 slices swiss cheese

Chicken Cordon Bleu Sous Vide OR Stove Top / Broiler Directions

    Put a tablespoon of the mascarpone in the pocket, then layer in a small amount of ham and Swiss cheese in the pocket. It is very important that you don't overstuff the pocket.
  2. Cut a small pocket or smiley face in each chicken breast being careful not to go through the entire breast or all the way to each end
  3. Add your chicken to your sous vide bag (you can drop a few bacon bits on the bottom to add extra fat and moisture if you like) OR you can pan sear and brown on both sides (if  you choose this method you don’t need to worry about it being all the way cooked, as you will finish it under the broiler)
  4. Set your sous vide for 140 degrees for 90 minutes OR pan sear and brown on both sides (alternate method)
  5. Remove the chicken breasts and dry the carefully and thoroughly if using the sous vide method
  6. Line a broiler pan with foil
  7. Spread a light  amount of the mascarpone mixture which is your "glue", on the bottom in the center of the foil and place the chicken on  it
  8. Add a light mascarpone mixture “glue” layer to the top of the chicken
  9. Add 1-2 pieces of ham, and then 1-2 pieces of Swiss cheese and another light layer of the mascarpone mixture. You can do the ham / cheese / glue twice for a double decker cordon bleu!
  10. Add  one more very light layer of your mascarpone mixture on top of  the  cheese
  11. Put  chicken under the broiler until the cheese is brown and melty or chicken reaches 155 degrees (165 if you are worried about it being underdone, but this is overkill for a breast).
  12. Finish with salt or bacon bits while chicken is warm if desired – add parsley on top if desired

Recipe notes

Mascarpone Mixture:

NOTE: This will be way more mascarpone mixture than you need for two pieces of chicken, but I make it in batches  because I use it for so many things like a no roux roux base for pasta sauces and much more! Keep it in your fridge up until the expiration date on the mascarpone that you purchase.

Combine mascarpone, mustrard, honey, and herbs de provence.

Make sure mascarpone is at room temperature before mixing!

Reviews 5/5

16 Aug 2022

Great recipe. Made it for the whole family and everyone loved it

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